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EGE Energy Manager Energy Audit 

We want to take care of you and for this reason we offer you our specialized services:



  • Energy Audits Processing according to UNI-CEI-EN-16247

  • Monitoring and analysis of energy consumption

  • Report processing and energy balances

  • Evaluation of efficiency works

  • Management for energy efficiency incentives


Accompaniment to EMS certification with the following activities:

  • Identification of people involved in the Management System (Energy Team).

  • Verification of integration and compatibility with other management systems

  • Development and updating of the Energy Analysis

  • Verification of consumption monitoring systems

  • Planning of energy data collection

  • Identification of all improvement opportunities and Best Practices in the company's target sector

  • Definition of Energy Performance Indices (EnPi) for the company

  • Supporting the development of all system documents

  • Performance of preparatory internal audits

  • Accompanying the final certification audit with the Certification Bodies

  • Ongoing support for the activities of the energy manager

  • Ongoing identification of improvement opportunities

  • Accompaniment to Surveillance and Renewal Audits with Certification Bodies.


  • Energy market monitoring

  • Optimization of electricity and gas supply contracts

  • Management of incentives for energy-intensive and gas-intensive customers

  • Management of excise duties on energy consumption


  • Thermographic Diagnosis of Buildings/Installations/Processes according to norm UNI EN ISO 9712. We are certified at level 2 for the non-destructive tests in the Thermography method (TT)

  • On site detection of "U" transmittance (W/m2K) by Thermoflowmeter and according to UNI ISO 9869 standard


  • Technical testing of BMS systems

  • Logical evaluation of BMS systems

  • Support for BMS systems development and integrationn

  • Staff training on the use of BMS systems


  • Processing of Maintenance Plans

  • Organisation and updating of building/installation master data

  • Organisation of technical documentation, diagrams and drawings

  • Organisation of maintenance manuals

  • Drafting invitations to tender and specifications

  • Updating the customer of technical regulations

  • Coordination and on-site supervision of maintenance companies

  • Technical/economic evaluations of projects and orders

  • Support for the design and testing phase of buildings/installations

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