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EGE Energy Manager Energy Audit 

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Your central contact for energy management

We offer comprehensive consultancy services in the field of Energy Management and ISO 50001.

Energy Audits in the industrial and civil sectors and consultancy in energy consumption monitoring systems. Consulting in the management of Building Automation Systems and analysis of energy markets to support you in the purchase of energy and gas. Analysis of efficiency and sustainability interventions and support in applying for Incentives.


We focus and concentrate our strengths, our experience and our know-how on achieving the following goals:


  • Achieve high levels of energetic efficiency

  • Improve operational management of properties and related facilities

  • Improve calibration of supervisory and regulation systems

  • Improve comfort, safety and efficiency

  • Plan a proper maintenance strategy

  • Organize constant energetic diagnosis

  • Organize master data and necessary technical documentation

  • Keep clients up-dated on current regulations

  • Create a common base for sharing information

  • Ensure sustainability to buildings

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